My name is Ruan Bosman (aka Ruan The Boss). 

My goal in the team is to develop myself as well as every player I cross paths with. 

I've always been part of teams in Sports and I've reached success,

so Esports will be no different.

My knowledge obtained from Sports combined with Esports will be used to help all the Academy gamers to become top tier players in the community. 


My motto in life is:

"Learn,  Train,  Be The Best"

Ruan The Boss


Hyper Hanks



Hyper Hanks here.

A 2 meter tall content creator  dreaming of going competitive one day.   

I have the HyperArmy at my back with almost 2000 soldiers.

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MR Timmy



My name is Timeon aka Timmy, I am a 18 years young and a  Fortnite player that recently started playing competitive. I'm always grinding and striving to be better than the day before. My dream is to compete against and amongst some of the best Fortnite players out there!

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My name is Ross Hadwin.  I'm 15 years old. I've been playing Fortnite since season 2.

Everyday I am wanting to improve and become the best player in ZA and to leave a mark in the community.

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Academy Applications are closed until further notice

Join the Academy Team

Applications for the Academy.


We are not looking for pro-gamers but aim to recruit gamers that demonstrate great potential.


Team Requirements:

  1. Dedicated Fortnite Players.

  2. Committed to the team.

  3. Able to work well with fellow teammates and team leaders.

  4. Able to take direction and advice from leaders.

  5. Aspire to becoming Pro-League Gamers

Application Process:

  1. Select the Discord Link and submit an Academy Ticket.

  2. You will be contacted by the Team Captain Hutchie OG or Vice-Captain Gogabee to play the try-outs to determine your skill level and ability. 

  3. If they recommend you, your name will be forwarded to the Team Owners who will make the final decision.

Note to applicants:

Please do not DM the discord or team leaders repeatedly as the team leaders have many applicants to get through.  You will be advised of the progress and announcements will be made to any final decisions made by the Owners.  The team leaders DO NOT recruit players.


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